Known worldwide for its graphics cards, from time to time Nvidia gets involved in a few different projects. To celebrate 40 years of the mythical arcade game Pac-Man, the company has developed artificial intelligence with a certain skill.

Through learning, Artificial Intelligence was able to recreate the game of Pac-Man, after watching the game being played multiple times. A.A. from Nvidia did not use any code in the creation of the game, nor software to “design the game”. It was all created through observation.

Final result of Pac-Man recreated by I.A. from Nvidia. Not bad.

The end result is not perfect but it is a faithful representation of the game. We have the familiar elements like ghosts, balls, the maze and, of course, Pac-Man. According to Nvidia, Artificial Intelligence struggled to recreate the behavior of ghosts.

Each ghost of a different color behaves differently, with the A.I. failed to include this component in its re-creation. Additionally, the game lacks resolution but overall, under the circumstances, it’s an impressive job.

How did Artificial Intelligence recreate Pac-Man?

Nvidia explains that due to the lack of pre-made code or images, Artificial Intelligence had to be creative. Only the game’s visual data and commands were provided. A.A. had to recreate the game frame by frame.

Despite everything, Nvidia said the game is faithful enough to be played by humans, so much so that the company plans to launch it online soon. In any case, it is impressive that an artificial intelligence has recreated one of the most famous games of all time, just through observation.

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