NVIDIA SHIELD TV – Why Does EVERYONE Say It’s The BEST? (2019)

Nvidia Shield TV

NVIDIA SHIELD – Why Does EVERYONE Say It's The BEST? (2019)

Now every time we do a review on an Android TV box or a streaming device. we get asked the same question. What's the best one so but I don't have any problems with lags freezes glitches crash out all of that sort of stuff, on my streaming device and many factors will go into that, and I'll get to that in a second .and every single time we answer that question. We will always say it depends on your budget. And if the response to that is doesn't matter about the budget. Then we will always say the same thing the Nvidia shield. And today we're going to be discussing why?

Nvidia shield and the Amazon fire TV 2017

We are going to talk you through the reasons why in our opinion it is still the best compared to some of the other devices that are out there at this moment on the market. there is a new updated version which I haven't got my hands on at this moment in time I probably will, and then we'll do a review for you. they made it much more smooth they made it much much smaller. they made it much smaller much more portable, and they change a few different things here and there. but on the whole of it eats pretty much very very similar so I can show you some comparisons between that and of course a few of the other pretty popular devices at this moment in time, so we have the Nvidia shield and the Amazon fire TV 2017 model. which at this moment in time is still superior to the fire stick.

Nvidia Shield TV

Comparison with Apple, Google and Amazon Fire TV/Sticks

The newer version of the fire stick and to some extent in terms of raw benchmarks. it is still better than the fire TV dongle as well the third-gen fire TV and the Apple TV and rocket now on this list we have what the Nvidia shield is compatible with. compared to the other three devices now I'm not going to go through the whole list and talk about all of them I'm just going to pick out the main ones and starting with the fact that the actual voice assistant on the Nvidia shield is the Google one. which is a trendy one you can pair that with a fight Aviv, of course, got Alexa. which again is another pretty decent voice searching option and. then, we jump on to the Apple TV Siri. they're not for us and then. the rocky Walter has nothing.
we've got cast to your TV, of course, the Nvidia shield comes with the ability to chromecast, and that's in 4k. are those limited apps for the Fire TV and the rocket ultra and then, of course, there is airplay for the Apple TV. in terms of its compatibility with services, the Nvidia shield is by far the best out of those four main devices on the market at this moment.

So we're talking Netflix Amazon video YouTube Google Play movies in TV. it doesn't have an iTunes movie on TV that's only available on the Apple TV. but I mean correct me if I'm wrong. not many people use it you can let me know below if you do and why it's so good for you. Shield Vs Apple Comparison

Of course, We are not going to compare every single one within this entertainment section on the list. But you can see the Nvidia shield is far superior in terms of its compatibility with most of the options available. Of course, Kodi straight from the Play Store opens on the Nvidia shield. It's not available from the Amazon store. Of course, we know there are ways around it there are probably about 17 million videos on YouTube telling you how to do that which is, of course, is sideloading the Kodi app onto the Fire TV. It's not a jailbreak if I see another video with that title and calm.
Then, of course, you come down to the gaming section on this list. And if you don't know Nvidia shield is also a console you know that is one of the most significant differences between it and the other streamers on the market you can stream content on it brilliantly but it's also a console, and it's good for gaming. And we'll get to aspects and performance in a second, but this is just a little teaser as you can see it's compatible with a lot of different gaming setups as well. It is far superior again to the other devices in terms of linking up to sort of your google smart home functions. And it's also compatible with the Samson version as well as far as I'm aware I haven't tested it, but that is what I'm led to believe.

Shield Android TV and the protection Android TV Pro Specification

Now we're going to get to the actual specs of the device to explain why potentially a lot of people find it is far better performing them as some of the others on the market. And in terms of those specs, the main difference between the shield Android TV and the protection Android TV Pro is the storage. Soon the regular standard version, you only get 16 gigabytes of storage, which is a little bit disappointing, to be honest especially when it is still an expensive product even the standard one. The pro version is of course 500 gigabytes of storage which is more than enough for all of the apps all of the games anything you want to put on it. But of course, that is more expensive it comes at a premium of course if you want it to opt for the 16-gigabyte version you can add additional storage as well. But amazingly it doesn't come with a micro SD card slot. I mean you have to use a USB to add the extra room. As opposed to the microSD card, which you see in hundreds of different products available at this moment even some as low as 30 pounds devices is not on it. So why they didn't include that on this Nvidia shield standard, I don't know. But of course, on the pro version, you do get a micro SD card slot. And they both run Android TV 7.0 version. Which is the same as what you'll see on the Xiaomi me box and simila.r to what you'll see on a couple of the mica boxes which got released a fairly recently. which I did a video review on here I've got both of those here which are a very cheap version of that sort of system. We also have three gigabytes of RAM on the Nvidia shield which is more than enough for streaming. I would potentially like to see a little bit more for gaming, but it's not essential; it still does a very very good job. And there is a reason for that, and that is of course due to the processor.

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NVIDIA Tegra x1 or Tigre Chipset

Now with Android TV boxes that you will see and will have read about. The majority of them use either an AM logic chipset, or they'll use a rock chip S 9:05 for example or s 912 and of course the 33:28 and the $33.99 are the two that are used in the main on those specific devices. However, the Nvidia shield doesn't use the generic ones it uses its in-house processor. Which of course is the NVIDIA Tegra x1 or Tigre whatever you want to call it. 256 quart Maxwell GPU 4k HDR and 60 frames a second. In terms of the audio output, we have Dolby Atmos, and DTS X surround sound over HDMI. With a high-resolution audio playback up to 24 bit 192 kilohertz over HDMI. And this in-house Nvidia processor is the reason the Nvidia shield is classed as one of the best streaming devices on the market.

Benchmark scoreNvidia Shield Pro

Because it is just an absolute powerhouse compared to the am logic and the rock chip devices. And in numbers terms, if we look at some of the answers to benchmark results of some of the other methods compared to the Nvidia shield. You will notice that most of the other devices will come in as low, for example, the old fire sticks the first gen four stick. It's around 10 thousand on that score the newer one comes in approximately 25,000 the fire TV dongle comes in at the 30 to 40,000. The Fire TV box the second gen comes in at around 80 thousand some of the very new Android TV boxes come in at ninety thousand. But no one breaks that hundred thousand marks on the antutu. And of course, the Nvidia shield comes in roughly around depending on the specific benchmark. Because they can vary slightly, it comes in at around a hundred and thirty thousand. And that's on the old version of the antutu benchmark score. Which of course ranked devices lower than the current antutu version .of course these are the main reasons why this device will help with certain lags on menus freezes crashes on apps and games etc. it is going to be one of the smoothest tools one of the most seamless experiences you will have a period. On a streaming sort of gaming device at this moment .if you have one or do two by one thinking that you're never going to get problems with streaming for example.

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Streaming and conclusion

Again this is where this is quite a big misconception. Because like I said, it will help with menus and crashes and lags. And things like that in terms of streaming.if you're viewing your content, for example, it's going to work flawlessly. If you are streaming from a third-party source, it will still very much depend on traffic. You know what sort of time of the day you're viewing. How many people on the servers the quality of the actual stream so these are all things you need actually to work out to get a perfect stream will it be better than some of the other devices that you probably have at this moment .100% yes, will it be utterly flawless that you'll never have a problem again a hundred per cent no. is it going to give you the best chance of getting a little – perfect experience yes. So it's just about finding where you feel you need it. And whether you think that that output of money is worth what you're going to get back .if you are interested in some of the best prices at this moment in time for the Nvidia shield. I will leave them listed below any of the deals, for example, I will try and find for you. Then drop a line below if you know someone who is also looking at Nvidia shields and looking to see whether it might be worth and purchasing it.


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