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Pac-Man makes the leap to real life thanks to Pac-Man GEBox

Pac-Man in your city The idea is great. Taking advantage of the 40th anniversary of Pac-Man, Bandai Namco has announced the launch of Pac-Man GEBox,...

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Run: PlayStation 5 units are available on Amazon

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Nvidia says its graphics give Fortnite and PUBG a head start

The publication was made by Nvida in its official blog. The brand highlights the benefits of using a Geforce graphics card to play Battle Royale titles. Games like Fortnite, PUBG or Apex Legends are meant to be played with low latency and high frame rates, so the brand attests that this is an advantage for those using their GPU.

According to Nvidia, the data was acquired using the anonymous GeForce Experience Highlights at Kill / Death events from the games already mentioned. The truth is that the best printers from Nvidia are also the best on the market. Few will disagree. However, to what extent does this offer a real advantage to a normal player?

Nvidia Fortnite PUBG Apex Legends

In the graph below, we see the first observations made by Nvidia. Using GTX 600 series graphics and so on, they show the increase in Kill / Death (K / D) of each generation. According to this data, a player using a 20 series RTX has a 53% higher K / D than a player using a 600 series.

Nvidia Fortnite PUBG Apex Legends

Marketing or real need?

So far we have proof that really a high-end graphics card can make a difference. But this professional gamers already know. In addition, Nvidia has gone further and brought data on how the K / D ratio and graphics are linked to the refresh rate of the screen being used.

Nvidia Fortnite PUBG Apex Legends

This data is intended to show that gamers will take full advantage of their graphics if they use 144Hz or higher monitors. As we have seen before, this performance could not but rise to the 20 Series RTX. Not content with this data, Nvidia continued to sell the fish and recommended its graphics cards for games like Apex Legends or Fortnite.

Does it really take an RTX 2070 to play Apex Legends?

The brand advises that to play Apex Legends at 144FPS, the RTX 2070 is the minimum. However, this is certainly more important advice for those who share their games or make livestreams. Certainly the average gamer won't buy a high end graphics to play a free title.

Nvidia Fortnite PUBG Apex Legends

Only a professional user needs such graphics for a Battle Royale

As for Fortnite, the requirements for playing at 144FPS are no longer so great. According to Nvidia, the GTX 1660 Ti will do a good job. However, for other flights the brand recommends the RTX 2080. Once again, these printers are intended for a very small and demanding portion of users.

Nvidia Fortnite PUBG Apex Legends

This data is not surprising. From the consumer's point of view they can even be seen as a pure marketing strategy. Obviously Nvidia wants to sell the most expensive printers. Let's face it, most gamers don't need these. Unless we're talking about professionals, a mid-range is enough to play a Battle Royale.

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