Now you can feel inside Mario Kart with this motorized cockpit

Now you can feel inside Mario Kart with this motorized cockpit

Mario and Force Dynamics

Mario Force Dynamics

None of this would be possible (or at least quite complicated), if the protagonist of this spectacular modification was not David Wiernicki, and it is that it is neither more nor less than the director of Force Dynamics, a well-known company in charge of creating cockpits. motorized with which to experiment movements and G forces coordinated with a simulation, in most cases, car simulators.

You have probably seen countless videos with demonstrations of Force Dynamics systems, however, today is a rather peculiar modification, since instead of reading the variables of a video game and representing them in the cockpit, this time the system receives lateral and longitudinal load signals directly from a toy. Yes, the stroller Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit.

A very real simulation

The result is incredible, since in addition to responding incredibly well, the feeling of driving through the corridors of the house thanks to the camera built into the toy is almost the best of the system. To achieve this, they have attached an accelerometer, a small battery and a wireless sensor to the small kart, in order to transmit all the telemetry necessary to move the seat to the cabin system.

But do not think that everything has been “so easy”. Taking into account the blows that the small vehicle can take or the sporadic jumps that could generate small potholes or collisions with obstacles, its creators have had to modify the system code to moderately interpret the movements, in order to prevent the person who is sitting on the seat fly off with a sudden movement.

Augmented reality to another level

The augmented reality proposal of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit it was especially clever, but this takes it to another absolutely insane level. Obviously we are talking about a rather expensive system that is not available to everyone, so you will have no choice but to watch the demo video over and over again.


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