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Not being able to set alarms and timers in several Echo at the same time takes away years of life

Alarms and timers in more than one Amazon Echo

Echo Show 5

It may have happened to you and you are wondering what exactly you are doing wrong. Well, it’s not you, it’s Alexa Amazon devices are capable of creating alarms and timers with a simple vocal command. If you don’t want your fish to burn, just say an “Alexa, set a 20 minute timer” to remember that you have something in the oven. So far so good. The problem is when you have created this timer in the kitchen Echo and you are in the living room.

The Echo of the room does not flinch Neither replicates the kitchen alarm nor cancels it no matter how much you say “Alexa. For ”or“ Alexa cancels the kitchen Echo timer ”. The alarm will continue to sound unless you speak to the device from which you created the timer / alarm. When you thought your whole life was in the cloud and all your data was perfectly synchronized, you find out that the device that is forcing you to move your mind to the cloud works rather little with the cloud.

amazon echo spot

This lack of synchronization between Echo devices is something that bothers me a lot, since in principle it might seem simple (I don’t know what development implications entail) but it seems that Amazon has not taken it into account. On the internet you can find several queries from other users who ask for the same thing, but nothing related is specified on the Alexa support website. On the Amazon support page, the only things that are indicated are the different commands that we can perform to activate, deactivate and manage timers:

  • “Set a 5 minute timer.”
  • “Set a timer for the 1 hour washer.”
  • “How much time is left?”
  • “Pause the timer.”
  • “Resume the timer.”
  • “Add 1 minute to my timer.”
  • “Take 1 minute off my timer.”
  • “Cancel Timer.”
  • On Echo devices with a display: “Show me my timers.”

In fact, if we review the settings of the Alexa application, we can see how the alarms are differentiated by the Echo device from which they were created, and more of the same happens with the timers, which does not allow us to create a countdown alarm to a group of speakers, but we can only set the alert on a special Echo speaker.

Amazon Echo Alexa timers

In an ecosystem where you can make as many combinations as turn on a light when you are called the doorbell, I do not understand how the platform itself does not allow its own devices to communicate with each other.

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