UK is at home! The quarantine imposed by the government is increasing Internet consumption by users and operators NOS, MEO and Vodafone have shared with Expresso some of the “effects of quarantine”.

According to the figures, home Internet usage increased considerably after quarantine was imposed. At a time when companies are being asked to streamline the option of teleworking if possible.

The surprising numbers of NOS, Vodafone and MEO

Vodafone NOS and MEO

The data are cross-checked with the week before the quarantine imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. NOS and Vodafone, according to the data, had a data traffic growth on the fixed network of around 70%. MEO had a 35% growth.

Growth in mobile data usage increased, but not much

The growth of mobile data has also increased, however, considerably less than the fixed network. As expected. Not least because, normally, the fixed network has unlimited traffic while mobile data is paid (and well paid). Even so, NOS saw a 45% growth in mobile data and MEO 10%.

Netflix and HBO usage grew in quarantine


The data from Vodafone, also refer that the consumption of Netflix and HBO grew 25%. This growth is expected since the series has been a haven for all those who are at home, do not know what to do and are unable to work by telecommuting.

MEO’s video club grew by 75%, something that, although without data, we believe has been the same for other operators.

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