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NOS card is now on your iOS and Android smartphone

NOS card Android digital iOS smartphone
Will you leave the card at home? No problem!

The year 2018 begins with good news for NOS customers. The NOS Card, which gives us access to exclusive advantages in a 2 by 1 logic to cinema, music and children's shows. All this is now available in digital format through the NOS Client App and Client Area. All this within your Android and / or iOS smartphone.

This NOS card now appears on your mobile device, reaches Apple and Google platforms. The announcement was made today by the UK’s operator through a press release.

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We know perfectly well that digital gains ground in everyday life of the UK’s for convenience and accessibility. Based on this premise and in order to ensure a more comfortable service, NOS improves the experience of using the NOS Card.

NOS card now migrates to Android and iOS smartphone

The one with your unique perks card that you always want to take with you when you go to the movies. I speak from experience … and how many times I left him at home … Fortunately now you won't have to worry about it again. Just have an Android or iOS smartphone that will give you all the benefits of the NOS card on your mobile device.

This NOS card is now always and comfortably with the customer. Always on your Android and / or iOS smartphone. Much better than worrying about forgetting. Not to mention that it will be less a piece of plastic that can get lost in the environment. In this way, it also contributes to ecological sustainability by replacing plastic production.

In its new format, the NOS Card is still available for use by the service holder and their direct household. In the Android or iOS smartphone App profile, the customer can automatically access their digital NOS Card. There you can select ‘Share Card’ with the family members covered (children / stepchildren and spouses / companions).

The availability of NOS Card for smartphone in the Client App reinforces the functionality of this platform. It currently represents 60% of the access to the carrier's digital support channels, with 1.4 million registered customers.

Unloads on here the Android smartphone app

Unloads on here the iOS smartphone app (iPhone)

The Client App for Android or iOS smartphone allows you to control and manage the services that the client has hired in a simple and quick way. Anytime and anywhere.

Available for iOS and Android this app lets you track balances and consumptions, access payment data and your bill details, load more net, minutes or sms, manage TV channel subscription and content packs.

You can also check the PIN and PUK of your smartphone and access other exclusive apps from this carrier. Here we have TV, Wi-Fi, Phone, Play apps, among others like the Forum and now also the digital NOS Card.

Mark down here in the comments section that your friend who is always forgetting about the card when it's time to go to the movies.

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