Nokia, Samsung and Xiaomi are the brands that most updated smartphones have!

Nokia, Samsung and Xiaomi are the brands that most updated smartphones have!

Nokia, Samsung and Xiaomi are well on their way to upgrading their smartphones. According to CounterPoint these are the manufacturers that most up-to-date equipment has right now. We are talking about Android terminals with the latest update of Android 9.0 Pie and which have been sold in the last quarter of 2019 so far.

Nokia's work is to be commended because they have 96% of their up-to-date terminals. Still, we have to realize that this first chart shows us updated smartphones in the latest generation of Android.

Nokia, Samsung and Xiaomi are first 3

Counter Point Samsung Xiaomi Nokia

So a little simpler than this color chart. Let's minimize the chart with a summary. The study reveals only smartphones that have been sold in late 2018 so far and their updates. Red is the positive, the redder the marks, the better.

  • Nokia – 96%
  • Samsung – 89%
  • Xiaomi – 84%
  • Huawei – 82%
  • Lenovo – 43%
  • OPPO – 35%
  • LIVE – 18%
  • LG – 16%
  • Alcatel – 14%
  • Techno – 5%
  • Other – 15%

How fast manufacturers update their smartphones

Counter Point Samsung Xiaomi Nokia

The next chart is not so exciting. Still, we see that Nokia updates 94% of its smartphones to the latest Android version within 12 months.

Already closer is Xiaomi with 62% and thirdly Lenovo 52%. Samsung and Huawei arrive later. Huawei gives us 40% of its updated smartphones after 12 months while Samsung just over 12%.

Android fragmentation is a problem

Google tries well but manufacturers do what they want and over time. Android system fragmentation is a problem and updates are important. Not only for aesthetic news and features but also for user safety. Too bad we don't see brands as dedicated as Nokia in updating their handsets on time.

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