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Nokia has the most reliable smartphones on the market in 2020

The respected market analysis agency, Counterpoint Research, has just released its latest Reliability Index for smartphone manufacturers and where it evaluates four pillars of the products. No manufacturer surpassed Nokia in 2020.

The vectors analyzed by the aforementioned entity were security updates, build quality, updated software and, finally, the business recommendation that some mobile devices enjoy. HMD Global / Nokia led the ranking.

Nokia leads Counterpoint’s reliability ranking

Nokia Resarch Counterpoint

Firstly in the pillar of software updates, the Finnish manufacturer had all of its 20 mobile devices updated to Android 10, the latest version of the operating system when the Counterpoint ranking was drawn up.

Nokia phones lead Android software updates

Then came OnePlus, with 7 devices updated for this version and, in third place, Samsung with 89% of its mobile phones updated. Realme fills fourth place with 73%, while in tenth place Vivo closes the table.

This pillar – latest software version – evaluates the devices chosen to receive the latest version of the Google operating system and shows the clear dominance of HMD Global with all Nokia phones already updated.

It is also worth mentioning the positive note of Samsung, the current market leader and with a top spot in this table.

Business use of Android smartphones

Nokia Counterpoint Research

The range of Nokia mobile phones has the highest approval for business use. Above we can see the Nokia / HMD Global bar leading the table, largely in part because they receive the necessary security updates.

Note that, alongside Nokia, OnePlus is also referred to as one of the manufacturers that most often update their mobile devices whenever there is a new patch security features to be made available by Google.

The registration of Nokia and OnePlus is practically perfect, with Samsung appearing in a terrible position when it comes to monthly updates. In the quarterly updates, Samsung occupies a more comfortable place.

Build quality means Nokia phones

Nokia Counterpoint Research

The pillar of build quality it unfolds in several aspects, evaluating from the general robustness of the product to its resistance to humidity and liquids. HMD Global is consistently above the industry average and standard in this regard.

Among the various points analyzed, we highlight pressure (soft and intense), resistance to falls, fatigue, wear and tear, as well as thermal impact. These and other metrics compiled above show us the excellent performance of Nokia mobile phones.

Counterpoint Research wanted to show the importance of software and hardware longevity, evaluating for this purpose the durability of materials, as well as the frequency and content of software updates.

Finally, the agency also mentions that the smartphone replacement cycle is getting closer and closer to the 30 months. This means that users are using their mobile phones for a longer time, the more relevant these metrics are.

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