Nokia gives up Wearables without giving Android Wear a chance

Nokia gives up Wearables without giving Android Wear a chance
Nokia Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch Android
Nokia hybrid watch without Android Wear

Nokia has invested for two years in the wearables in a very convinced way. However, there may be changes ahead in the company's strategic plan for this market. After all, it's not going as well as your bet on Android.

So, after heavy investments, where you can account for the acquisition of Withings, maybe it's time to rethink the whole strategy.

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Indeed, on the basis of a new report by the Finnish company, the Finnish company eventually had to lay off some of its employees in this area. Part of this, in turn, is due to the failure to sell such equipment to the public.

Android Wear was not very successful, but Nokia had to have given it a chance!

As is well known – and even reported on EBox – Apple has managed to sell more Apple Watches than any other watch manufacturer in the world. So it sold more than any company that works with Android Oreo or any other software similar.

As a result, one of the reasons why the public is buying an Apple Watch is that it is accurate in calibrating user health information. And no matter how hard Nokia says, it does it well.

The delay of Android Wear – because of Google and Qualcomm – as well as the fact that Apple does all These were undoubtedly the determining factors for Nokia to record its results in 2017.

Unsurprisingly, the US company is doing very well. planted in this market and that, by now, the competitors will be able to do little or nothing. They either watch or risk high losses.

So perhaps it was the definitive end to Nokia's presence in a market where, unfortunately, it never had a strong presence. However, we will see what the future of this one really holds for us.

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