Nokia Earbuds are the competitors of the Apple AirPods

Nokia Earbuds are the competitors of the Apple AirPods

Nokia Earbuds are the competitors of the Apple AirPodsNokia has unveiled some new Earbuds to compete directly with Cupertino's Apple AirPods.

Apple AirPods may not even have the most elegant design in the world, in my opinion, however, they work perfectly with all American company products. Pairing is simple, sound is acceptable and Siri works almost perfectly.

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That is, although they have a price a little high, it is an investment that I do not regret having made. Incidentally, Apple AirPods are probably one of the gadgets I use the most besides the iPhone and Apple Watch. Although the quality is not perfect, they are comfortable and practical.

That's exactly what Nokia wanted to do with its Earbuds. The new "Nokia True Wireless Earbuds" are sleek and much smaller than the Apple AirPods.

Apple AirPods to take care why these Nokia Earbuds convince

The charging box is small and with USB-C input. It's good to see brands investing in USB-C in new technologies.

Nokia Earbuds will last for 4h of continuous playback and the box will be able to charge Earbuds at least 3 more times.

Nokia Earbuds are the competitors of the Apple AirPods

Together with the "True Wireless Earbuds" Nokia has also unveiled the "Nokia Pro Wireless Earphones". These earphones are more inspired by LG models and have a small bar to insert around the neck. These are perfect for those who enjoy jogging in the morning.

The price of new gadgets is not the most inviting. Earbuds will sell for 129 € and Pro Wireless earphones for 69 €. Both should connect with Android and iOS with Bluetooth 5.0. While offering a price tag for sound quality, like Apple AirPods, users will look at these two new products as a convenience.

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