Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 dual SIM will have independent microSD slot

Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 dual SIM will have independent microSD slot
Nokia 5

Nokia will return to the mobile market in its own name later in May or June. It will be at this time that the new Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 will be available for purchase worldwide. We are talking about equipments that fit in the mid-range market but that have a very interesting build quality for the price we are asked.

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All of these models will have the capacity to hold two SIM cards inside, two of which will have yet another version for just one SIM card. And it is these models here that will have a peculiar feature. Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 will also have a slot fit only for a microSD card.

These days, we are used to brands choosing to incorporate into their equipment slots hybrids, which are capable of accommodating SIM and microSD cards in the same space. This saves some space inside them. However there is a disadvantage. If you want to use a microSD card, you are limited to only one SIM card.

But this is where the Finnish brand will differentiate itself from the competition, allowing holders of models 3 and 5 to use two SIM cards simultaneously with one microSD card.

Unfortunately the new Nokia 6 will not suffer from the same fate. The most powerful model of the brand at the time of this article will have only one slot hybrid, which will fit both carrier and memory expansion cards.

As I said, all these models should reach the European market within two to three months. Your sales prices should not exceed 250 € and will be sold in physical store. This will make these new devices one of the best offers we will find in terms of value for money in the market.

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