Nokia 1 is a great option for those who don't want to spend more than 110 €

Nokia 1 is a great option for those who don't want to spend more than 110 €
Android Go Nokia 1 Android Oreo MWC
The discreet colors and unassuming lines of the entire smartphone itself.

Presented at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 in Barcelona, ​​Nokia 1 is the most economical Android Go smartphone from the legendary Finnish brand. Indeed, this brand now owned by HMD Global, The Home of Nokia Phones, or the home of Nokia devices, would announce today to UK. It costs € 109.99 and will soon be in stores.

It will be, for all intents and purposes, the best Android smart phone or smartphone you can buy for just over € 100. It should be noted that the price in UK also reflects the tax burden of our country, being slightly higher than the price announced in its presentation.

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The Nokia 1 is an extremely modest, humble yet capable device. It has a look similar to the old brand mobile phones. Even its color scheme reflects this historical past. A past that serves as the basis for the new launches of the brand that now arrive in UK.

Starting with its look, its design, like the other Android terminals of the brand, we have here a look sober. The Nokia 1, while economical, does not neglect the presentation, being available in various colors from Blue to Red and flashy Yellow.

Nokia 1 has arrived in UK for € 109.99 with Android Go

Despite being purely subjective, the Nokia 1 is not without elegance. Quite the contrary, strive for the Nordic minimalism that can be used to describe the Finnish company approach. A reduction to the essential lines not to make it heavy. The result, a charming smartphone in its own way. Moreover, the terminal is already available in the UK’s market. It comes in shades of red and blue with a retail price of around € 109.99. In physical store, for about 100 € you will hardly find better.

Available in blue and red in UK

Nokia 1 Android Go
The colors available in our market for this new smartphone with Android Go

Nokia 1 can be classified as a smartphone Ultra low cost. Still, for its price and extremely modest specifications, it guarantees a user experience that we can classify as satisfactory. The secret? Your Android Oreo operating system in its "light" version, Android Oreo "Go Edition" or simply Android Go.

Android Oreo "Go Edition", or better … Android Go!

This is the platform, the software used by Nokia 1, Android Oreo ™ (Go edition) or simply Android Go. It is a version perfectly optimized by Google for the cheapest devices. For the more modest or economical smartphones, even terminals with 1GB or less of RAM can be used without frustration.

We can say without a doubt that Nokia 1, for its price, can offer a satisfying user experience. Can provide all the amenities we are used to on the Android system, with several tweaks to make Android Go exceptional.

Android Go Nokia 1 Android Go MWC 2018
This is the most economical smartphone of the Finnish brand. Arrives today in UK with Android Go.

Android Go has several apps optimized

Note that the entire Android Go system is based on 3 essential pillars. O first is operating system optimization. All aspects of it are optimized to use little data (navigation), to save energy, to consume few resources of the terminals.

O second pillar are the applications. These range from Google Go, Maps Go, YouTube Go, Gmail Go, Facebook Lite and several other light versions. The key is also in the optimized operation of applications so that they consume little resources, weigh little on internal memory and offer a lot in return.

O third pillar is the Google Play store itself. Specifically, on this Nokia 1 and other Android Go devices you will have a dedicated section within the official operating system store, the Google Play Store. There you will find apps chosen by the Editors for your Nokia 1. Apps that consume little resources and spend little browsing data.

What are the features of Nokia 1 with Android Go?

This platform from Google, Android Go would be introduced in 2017 and is now starting to be adopted by brands. It allows even smartphones with 1GB or 512MB of RAM to be usable without frustration in 2018. In short, Nokia 1 can be dubbed a quality smartphone.

Nokia 1 Android Go update
And you are considering purchasing this new terminal with Android One from Google?

Inside Nokia 1 with Android Go provides 8GB internal memory for the user and can be expanded using a microSD memory card. More so, we have here 1GB RAM in addition to a MediaTek processor, an MT6737M, SoC quad core at 1.1 GHz with the Mali-T720 printer.

It also has a rear camera of 5MP and a front camera 2MP for your selfies or video calls. What's more, we have a user-replaceable 2150mAh battery that promises above average autonomy.

In short, always with the economy and the return on the user's investment in mind. This Nokia 1 with Android Go is extremely promising. It presents itself as an unpretentious candidate for the input segment. It's probably the best smartphone you can buy for around € 100 at the national physical store right now.

And you are considering the purchase of this new Nokia terminal that now arrives in UK?

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