Cybertruck window t-shirts

Surely you will remember the momentazo: Elon Musk was on stage presenting his new and impressive Cybertruck euphoric. The manager boasted the great strength of his vehicle and to prove it hit one of his windows with a steel ball. What happened next is already filed in the elder’s drawer fails of technology history: the window broke, leaving Musk with a poker face.

The video toured the entire world and there was no means that there was no echo of such a moment (there were actually two, since the demonstration was attempted with another window and also burst). Then the explanations came: so many demonstrations had been made with the ball and the window before the press conference, that the technicians recommended Elon Musk not to tighten the rope anymore and not do another endurance test in front of the public – needless to say that the co-founder of Tesla turned a deaf ear.

It is true that despite the embarrassment Initially, this served to still make noise in the press and that even media that probably would not have talked about the car in other circumstances did. Nor did the ruling take away the desire of potential buyers: Bookings Cybertruck have exceeded all expectations and forecasts.

But Elon Musk still had the thorn of everything lived on stage and as an intelligent person he is, he also knows how to laugh at himself. Such is the case that to prove it has given around the tortilla and has turned one of its worst moments in front of the press into a new business opportunity with the launch of a shirt special.

Cybertruck T-shirt

The Cybertruck Bulletproof Tee It is “inspired by the Cybertruck presentation event” and shows a kind of broken glass as a design, hinting at the knock on the window. It is made of 100% cotton and has the distinctive Cybertruck logo on the back. Available in six different sizes, ranging from XS to XXL, the shirt is priced at 45 dollars (about 40 euros to change) and can be purchased at its official store, although unfortunately it is not sent beyond Canada, Hawaii and the 49 states of the US -if you want one, you will have to pull some contact.

Cybertruck T-shirt

A very ingenious way to take advantage of an uncomfortable situation but known to all and that will probably be a real sales success (for the appeal of the brand itself and for the reference itself that makes a very prominent technological moment). They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And Elon Musk just put it into practice.