Nintendo wants us to buy another laptop, and it’s just what we’re going to do

Nintendo wants us to buy another laptop, and it's just what we're going to do

What is a Game & Watch?

Game and Watch Super Mario

If you feel identified with the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros, you may also do so with the product presented today. Those with some gray hair on the sideburns will remember the legendary Game & Watch, portable consoles with an LCD screen that, imitating the operation of calculators, offered very simple games, but tremendously addictive for the time.

Thus was born the version with the game Ball, in which we had to control a juggler while he threw two balls into the air. As we collected the balls and looped them again, we got points, which would be added to the overall count of the game. After Ball others followed him like Flagman or Vermin, and from there many more Game & Watch models were born that were perfecting the aesthetics and controls.

Super Mario Bros Game & Watch

Game and Watch Super Mario

Taking advantage of the celebration of 35th anniversary of Super Mario, Nintendo has recovered the mythical format of this peculiar laptop to give it a modern touch by placing a control crosshead and a color screen, so that the console receives a new idea in the form of modern games.

And by modern, we mean NES games, and to be exact two, since the console will include Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 2 (although in Europe and the US it received the name The Lost Levels). The selection proposed by Nintendo is somewhat concise, but at least it will be accompanied by a special version of Ball. The one that was the first Game & Watch game, receives a special version with Mario's face for this modern version of Game & Watch, as well as a digital clock function with various animations in which we will see Mario jump to make way for the minutes and the hours.

How much does the Game & Watch Super Mario Bros cost?

Game and Watch Super Mario

The official price of this small portable console is 59.99 euros, and will go on sale on November 13 at the usual authorized dealers. It is not the cheapest and most complete portable retro game console that you will find in the market, but it is the only one that will be licensed and sealed by Nintendo. Don't you think they could have been stretched a bit more and include the odd game?


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