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Nintendo Switch. This is the perfect gadget that you can’t miss!

If you have a Nintendo Switch, or are thinking of buying one, this new accessory will be indispensable for you to get the most out of your system. Currently, Switchblade Hub is available through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and can be yours for the special launch price of € 42 (recommended price of € 68).

As its name implies, this accessory was designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch, with the main objective of helping users get the most out of their system, in the simplest and most practical way possible. For that, they integrated some fantastic additions that many want to come integrated in the console: support for Bluetooth 5.0 and HDMI input.

Switchblade Hub Nintendo Switch

In addition, the Switchblade Hub also has a much more robust integrated support than the small flap integrated into the console.

With this accessory you will no longer need to carry your Nintendo Switch dock everywhere

The Switchblade Hub is designed to address all of Nintendo Switch’s weaknesses, and it can fulfill its mission almost perfectly.

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Thanks to the implementation of an HDMI input, you won’t need to take your console dock everywhere, all you need is an HDMI cable so you can enjoy TV mode, keeping your Switch completely secure on stand. In terms of versatility, this accessory takes the whole experience to a new level.

In addition, it allows the loading of accessories on-the-go and it also has a small compartment where you can store up to two game cartridges. Basically, those responsible for the development of the Switchblade Hub heard all the complaints and requests from Nintendo Switch fans, and decided not to wait for Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch Bluetooth 5.0

Proof of this is the integration of support for Bluetooth 5.0. One of the most frustrating aspects of the handheld console is that it does not support wireless earphones, always having to use some type of accessory, which are not at all practical or aesthetically pleasing. With this gadget, you will be able to use your bluetooth earphones without any problem, with a simple click of a button.

How Indiegogo platform purchases work

As with so many other platforms of this nature, supporting projects is never guaranteed that the products will actually be produced, since the minimum value desired by the company may not be achieved. In the case of the Swtichblade Hub this will not happen, as they have already largely exceeded their minimum goal, with a total of more than 45 thousand euros.

Nintendo Switch perfect gadget

Another positive point that makes this project even more tempting is the fact that it will be finished within 3 days and they have plans to start shipping the first units as early as October. So, unlike what happens when you invest in new projects, you won’t have to wait long before your Switchblade Hub gets to you.

Purchase opportunities include multiple packages

  • 1x Switchblade Hub: € 42
  • 1x Switchblade Hub + protective case: € 57
  • 1x Switchblade Hub + protective box + 48W PD charger: € 68
  • 2x Switchblade Hub: € 80
  • 3x Switchblade Hub: € 110

If you want to know more about this fantastic gadget or order yours now, go to the official project page here.

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