Recently rumors that Nintendo would release a ‘Pro’ version of the Nintendo Switch were strong. However, this will no longer happen in 2020, as confirmed by the producer’s own CEO.

Nintendo CEO denied plans for a 2020 Switch Pro

“Regarding Nintendo Switch, we believe it is important to continue to communicate the quality of both Switch systems and expand the player base. Note that we have no plans for a new Nintendo Switch model in 2020 “, these were the words of Shuntaro Furukawa.

It is good to remember that in September of last year Nintendo launched Switch Lite. This is a modest version of your console, and allows players to play the same games as the normal Switch, but it does not allow you to connect it to the television.

It turns out to be interesting that the Nintendo CEO uses the expression “we have no plans”, giving the idea that this more powerful version of the Switch may never exist.

Switch Pro should bring larger cartridges and support for 4K

Rumors pointed out that this Switch Pro had support for 4K resolution and larger cartridges. However, this will not arrive in time to compete at an early stage with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series.

If Switch Pro sees the light of day, we believe that Nintendo will ‘save’ the launch for 2021 or 2022. This gives time for the ‘fever’ of the new consoles to pass, and your option may have more prominence in the market.

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