Home Tablets Nintendo Switch Lite suffers hard on endurance test

Nintendo Switch Lite suffers hard on endurance test

Nintendo Switch Lite suffers hard on endurance test

Nintendo Switch Lite hit the market in September. This claims to be a more modest version of Switch, which does not allow players to hook it up to the TV, but also has a more appealing price tag.

Sold in UK for € 219.99, this portable console has a plastic construction. Youtuber JerryRigEverything auditioned her stamina and put her under a lot of suffering. But it eventually survived.

Switch Lite screen is very susceptible to scratches

Like any endurance test, we start by seeing your screen tested. Given the price of the console, the panel is plastic. While this increases your longevity, it also causes you to have scratches at level 3, and deep scratches at level 4 of the test.

This type of videos is not appropriate for those who like to see the products to suffer. Unlike the base Switch, the controls on this console are non-removable, and the plastic and rubber material does not resist youtuber's malicious x-act.

We are talking about a console that has no water resistance. Although with a scratch-susceptible plastic body, it is certainly long-lasting.

Switch Lite doubles but doesn't break

In the dubbing test, Switch maintains Nintendo's enduring tradition and does not disappoint. Even when folded, the internal components continue to function, making it child-proof.

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