Home Tablets Nintendo Switch: Exchange program for the new version is a myth!

Nintendo Switch: Exchange program for the new version is a myth!

Nintendo Switch: Exchange program for the new version is a myth!

The arrival of a new model of Nintendo Switch has been revealed, but it is far from the "Pro" variant that many wanted. However, this new version comes with an improvement that could be crucial for many players, the autonomy of their battery.

It wasn't long before a new rumor spread on the internet, stating that Nintendo would trade in any (old) Switches that were purchased after July 17. The information was revealed by a user at Reddit, who claimed to have received the information directly from Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch

Representative denies exchange program

Nintendo's response came immediately, stating that this alleged exchange program does not exist. "We don't have a switch program for Nintendo Switch," said a representative of the manufacturer.

Therefore, it remains to explain what started this rumor. Did the user at Reddit decide to try Nintendo to create a swap program? Or are some customer services really promising this exchange? We will have to wait a few more days before clarification arises.

Even as an offer that would appeal to many users, it would make no commercial sense to Nintendo. Therefore, it seems that this exchange program was a myth.

New version of Nintendo Switch promises 3 extra hours of autonomy

This new switch is virtually identical to the original model, with only slight improvements. Still, one result can be crucial for many users. Thanks to improvements in the manufacturing of your processor, you can now offer considerably longer runtime from a maximum of 6 hours to a total of 9 hours.

Although not confirmed, it is possible that these changes in the processor manufacturing process will have performance improvements.

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