Through a mythical "partnership" in the 1990s, the now legendary Nintendo PlayStation console was created, compatible with both traditional SNES (Super Nintendo) cartridges and a CD player. This console has never been released and is currently believed to only one copy of the manufactured prototypes exists.

Terry Diebold is the owner of this prototype, which came to him in the middle of a lot he bought at auction for only 75 euros. Now, having spent several years touring the console around the world, he has finally decided to officially sell the Nintendo PlayStation.

Nintendo PlayStation Console

Legendary Nintendo PlayStation Console Has Priceless Value

Since this is a unique console around the world and there has never been another sale, Heritage Auctions (the company responsible for the auction) states that it is impossible to estimate what the final value of the sale will be. In addition, adding to its historical value, it is believed that this was responsible for the birth of the original Sony PlayStation.

There seems no doubt that this auction will hit record highs, especially after Diebold rejected a $ 1.2 million million bids.

Heritage Auctions has already confirmed that the auction will start on February 27th and the value will be decided by the market. But, it is guaranteed to be an extremely active auction.

This auction company has already become extremely popular thanks to the rarities of the video game world sold at auction. The latest highlight auctioned by Heritage was a sealed copy of the original Mega Man, which sold for $ 75,000.

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