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Nintendo invents Super Mario’s battle royale in super limited version

Super Mario Bros 35, the battle royale

Super Mario Bros 35

We have already seen how there are real experts of Mario speedruns. This extreme race to see who reaches the flag at the end of the level in the shortest time possible has generated countless competitions and confrontations that end up being disputed by mere thousandths, so Nintendo has taken the best of that idea and created a game. Typical of Nintendo.

The result is Super Mario 35, a competitive game in which 35 players will battle simultaneously on a Mario level to see who is able to complete the level before anyone else. But it won’t be as easy as running away. As we kill enemies, these characters will be thrown onto the screens of our rivals to make things difficult for them. Do you remember how Tetris 99? Well, it is the same concept.

Similarly, if someone from the 34 adversaries advances, the defeated enemies could also turn against you, so be very careful. These attacks can be programmed according to four strategies, since we can send the enemies to those who have taken the shortest time, the one with the most coins collected or those who are attacking the most so far, and can also choose the random option, which will launch the koopa to a random player.

As you can see, the game is based on the NES version of Super Mario Bros, and the game will run until only one player is left standing. We do not know if the levels will include Bowser’s castles or if the game can be completed if the game is extended. Surely someone gets it from time to time.

A very limited game

Super Mario Bros 35

However, the most striking detail that comes with this Super Mario Bros 35, is that the game will be available from October 1 to March 31, 2021. Yes, on March 31 it will no longer be available, and it will not be playable anymore.

It is a game that will only be available to those users with Nintendo Switch Online accounts, so in the same way that Tetris 99 did, you will have to have a Nintendo account with an internet connection to play it.

The date of March 31 coincides with the purchase deadline for Super Mario 3D All Stars, the new game that will bring together the versions of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super mario galaxy for Nintendo Switch. That end of sale date is a very strange movement that we cannot understand, so only Nintendo will know why. Did someone say game speculation?

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