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Nintendo Co Ltd Super Nintendo Mini: the complete review 2020

“How much did you pay for your game ?! The voice is not completely finished but is completely incredulous. “Five hundred …” The confession is a little incredulous, too, the second voice resigned. “Well, I hope it’s going to be as good as they say it is.” The year? In the early 90s. The game ? Street Fighter II … Suffice to say that it was worth it and even a little more. There are tons of memories of afternoon gunshot at close range with the Super Nintendo charged and on. Everyone who played at that time has it. Because the SNES was a must-have bomb (sorry, friends of Sega fans) and because it served as a host for dozens of memorable games, with a constancy that commands respect.
A Link to the Past, Earth Worm Jim, Super Mario World, Rock and Roll Racing, Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country – Ahhh Rare Software and its raid, because the computing power combined to develop the graphics could have used to develop an atomic bomb -, Castlevania 3, Contra III or Starfox…

Some of these titles haunt our memories, others have invited themselves on other consoles since, rebooted, remastered or just passing through. But as much as the games, it is the Super NES that we venerate by the endless long river that is nostalgia. Its gray but sparkling design, its foolproof controllers (they even crossed vases) and pleasant to martyr for hours – even with bulbs.

The games have become cult. The console has become an object of worship. Suffice to say that the unexpected arrival last year of the Nintendo NES Mini Classic gave hope for the best. Good news, the best might just be there.

Avoid the mistakes of the past year

If Big N missed its first nostalgic miniature comeback a little, the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (that’s its full name), it borders on the “perfect”.
Ultra compact, as exercise requires, she is the perfect replica of her venerable elder. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, is carried in a backpack pocket, is placed on a table corner, is connected via HDMI to everything that has a screen and is powered via a micro USB port so you don’t have to carry around a dedicated charger. If you still need one, your smartphone’s will do the trick.

Only small problem, you may need to fight a bit to remove the socket cover to connect the two controllers. We’re always a little bit afraid to tear off this little flexible plastic protection. True to the original design, the gamepads remain comfortable in hand and pleasing to the eye, all in curves and dots of color. Above all, their 140 cm cable allows you to stay farther from the screen than the 80 cm of the NES Mini controllers.

On the top of the case, the cartridge “hatch” remains closed (first regret), consequently condemning the Eject button to not eject anything. There remains the Power button, which slides like before and the Reset button, which is used to return to the main console interface.

Interface, game limits and good idea

The latter respects the spirit established by the NES Mini Classic. A few buttons and settings at the top, a carousel of game jackets in the middle of the screen, which you scroll to the left or right and in which you draw at envy, with immediate start-up and perfect fluidity.
For fans of storage, we can even classify the titles by release date or by number of players, for example. On this subject, on the 21 games proposed in all, only nine are given to be playable by two and those which really are are really rare. Contra 3 will allow you to wow your mittens as a duo – “Were games as hard as that when you were young, Dad? “But Donkey Kong Country, which has since been surveyed for two on Wii, is not playable simultaneously and this is the case for most titles.

Time has passed and the game developers have understood that the players’ friends also love to play … Nostalgia had made us forget it.

However, despite this handicap and the fact that the selection forgets some of our favorite titles, we have a real pleasure to rediscover or discover games that have made the history of video games. Even better, the brand new StarFox 2 is a journey into a parallel dimension. This title, which has remained unpublished until now, has all the treasure that must be approached with many precautions so as not to frighten it. The fact that you have to finish the level of the first StarFox to unlock it is a great idea. After such a wait, one last review is nothing.

It also seems to us that this Super Nintendo mini has more advantages than its predecessor for staying long by our televisions. This could be as much due to the freshness of the trendy 16-bit graphics as to the thickness of the games, which are more engaging and striking.

The NES Mini introduced a welcome backup function. The Super Nintendo Mini keeps it but goes further by offering a function that allows you to rewind the last minutes of your game in order to resume before a stupid death or a dismaying failure. It’s “cheaté”, we agree, but it stays between us.

At the heart, the art of recycling

For those who are wondering what is hidden in the body of this Super Nes Mini, little riddle: what was released last year and was developed by the king of cost reduction? The answer: a Nes Mini, of course!

Our Super Nes, once dismantled, revealed its strange secret to us. In his heart beats the same configuration as in his big sister. An ARM Cortex A7 processor, coupled to a Mali 400 MP2 for the graphics part. Storage is done on 512 MB of flash memory. When you are told that Big N can live.
In other words, the illusion is software. It’s the emulation technology that gets the job done – and it could have been developed in UK, according to Eurogamer. The energy efficient processor has enough power to upscale the original 240p graphics to 720p. Which means that your eyes will suffer but not too much …

The verdict of the review

Nintendo Co Ltd Super Nintendo Mini

Pre-orders from 80 euros, the Super NES Mini are snapping up, on September 29, 2017, the day of its release, at astronomical prices. However, Nintendo has announced that it will produce more Super NES Mini than NES Mini, so this shortage may not last and prices may return to normal. If you are not among the elected officials who already have one (on hand or reserved), please wait. This Super Nintendo is worth it.


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