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"Ninja" will have received almost 1 million euros to promote Apex Legends

Tyler Blevins (aka "Ninja") is the most popular. gaming streamer of all time. According to the latest information, it will have received close to 1 million euros from EA to promote its latest game, Apex Legends. I recall that thanks to its more than 13 million followers, Ninja may have been largely responsible for the initial success of the new Battle Royale.

Advertising agreements between major and popular studios streamers and content creators is nothing new. However, never before had we heard of such a large investment in just one individual. Although the source was quoted by Reuters, EA made no confirmation of these figures.

Ninja Apex Legends EA

EA's investment in promoting Apex Legends has been meticulously made by selecting the most popular streamers Fortnite and PUBG, both rivals of their new game. In this way, they were able to not only catapult the popularity of their game but also "steal" millions of players from their rivals.

EA has invested many thousands of euros to secure a partnership with popular streamer Ninja

According to Drew McCoy – EA Studio's lead producer who created Apex Legends – revealed that the entire surprise release of the new game was planned down to the smallest detail. The company's main goal was to get any video game lover to know about the arrival of Apex Legends.

For this, they developed partnerships with streamers around the world (literally!) who quickly started showing the new game to their millions of followers from the minute it was released. In this way, they managed to create a "kind of event" that took place around the world.

There is no doubt that EA's plans have worked wonders. Whereas in just 1 month after its release, it has over 50 million active players. Independent of the millionaire investment in its promotion through streamers, Apex Legends has quickly become one of today's most popular games.

Apex Legends

Still, EA / Respawn has not gotten rid of several controversies. As with most games, Apex Legends also featured several bugs that need immediate attention. Also, with your big boom of popularity, there were many hackers that quickly developed cheats.

Finally, Respawn has already made it clear that it has 'open war' against the cheaters and that it's developing new detection tools that will be implemented to wipe out less honest players.

More news about Apex Legends:


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