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Nike uses Augmented Reality to help you find the perfect sneakers.

Nike is developing a new function in its app that will allow you to use augmented reality. It will help you understand the ideal size for the sneakers you want to buy.

It's called Nike Fit and uses a combination of computers, scientific data, artificial intelligence and recommendation algorithms to analyze your feet and recommend the best match. All through the Nike app.

nike app

The manufacturer of sneakers and sportswear claims that 60% of people are wearing the wrong size. All feet have different shapes and the same applies to sneakers or sneakers.

In fact, how often do we buy a pair of sneakers that look perfect but turn out to be too tight? Or too wide? With this function Nike wants to eliminate this problem so you can buy tennis online with confidence.

Buying tennis online becomes easier

Using this new augmented reality function is quite simple. Just open the Nike app, go to a product page and open a new option called 'measurement'.

From there, the camera of your smartphone will activate and just position your feet as the app requests. In a few seconds the app will analyze your feet and tell you the ideal size for that particular tennis model.

sneakers app

Besides giving you the ideal size, the application gives you some reasons why, depending on the shape of the sneakers or people with similar feet. The app will even know how to analyze the symmetry, or lack thereof, between the left and right foot.

This function is still being tested but according to Nike they are quite confident of the operation for now. Nike will soon announce the new feature to be permanently integrated into your application.

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Latest Posts

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