Niantic Change of mind after breaking Pokemon Go Regidrago Elite Raids

Published: 2023-03-17T18:11:35

Updated: 2023-03-17T18:11:44

Pokemon Go developer Niantic The company has apologized for the issues surrounding recent Regidrago Elite Raid weekend and promised to “make it up” to trainers soon.

Pokemon Go Fans looking forward to this event Regidrago Elite Raids They were disappointed by the numerous issues that plagued the event across multiple regions.

From Event opening with many game crashes to the developer Niantic Up to and including the final update Elite Raids Launched, trainers expressed their dissatisfaction on social media.

Now, Niantic Officially apologized for the sorry state of the Regidrago Elite Raids and is planning to “make it up to Trainers all over the world” in some form or another.

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Pokemon Go dev apologizes for Regidrago Elite Raids Again

The Officials apologize Pokemon Go Twitter Account on March 16, 2023. The tweet said, “Trainers, we apologize for this weekend’s Elite Raid The impact of these problems on your experience. We’re planning a way to make it up to Trainers Everywhere in the globe. Please stay tuned for details.”

Those Players in GMT+13 were severely affected by problems during raids and other activities. Niantic Support Twitter Account issued an apology for players who were in the wrong time zone while the team was trying to solve ongoing issues.

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ThankfullyThe developer acknowledged that players all over the world were affected by the problems that plagued this event. While Many members of the Pokemon Go Community were happy to see Niantic While the plan was to amend for the unfortunate event's state, many felt it was too late.

“This It is too little too late It’s been nearly a week. Your Support blamed dataminers, they caught you releasing an incomplete event. You Should have an immediate answer, and not wait for a TBD posting. Do better,” replied one trainer.

Others They were skeptical that the plan to compensate for the event would even work. “While I appreciate the apology, I’m very interested to see what you plan to do for this, I definitely don’t plan to go out in the cold again to try and do in-person raids when it didn’t work the last time…”

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For Now, trainers have to wait and watch what happens. Niantic He had planned to cover the cost of this event. Until Fans can then look forward to the future. Slowpoke Community Day Let's hope for the Best

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