Apple is currently preparing to launch the new iPhones. The iPhone 11S (or iPhone 12) will be unveiled officially, if all goes as expected, in September.

If this is an “S” model, no major design improvements are expected. However, the company always reveals to us a device considerably more powerful than the previous one.

Apple A14 processor may reach 3.1GHz

Apple iPhone

Apparently, the new processor of the iPhones, Apple A14, may reach 3.1GHz of power. In terms of comparison, the most powerful processor at the moment for smartphones, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, reaches 2.84GHz.

But, as we have seen in the past, power is not everything. The smartphone may even have the best specifications in the world, however, if its User Interface is not well designed, the user experience will be problematic.

That is why Apple has an advantage in this regard. IOS 14 will be unveiled in June at WWDC and everything indicates that we will have many of the limitations of previous systems.

However, it is these limitations that make Apple have more control over the Operating System and manage to make it have a much more capable interaction than many Android systems.

What to expect from the next iPhones

When it comes to equipment, as I said earlier, I don’t think Apple will change the design of the devices much. Nor do I believe Apple will call them the iPhone 12, however much rumors say otherwise.

Every year we have the same story and it starts to be time to see leaks of information about the next devices. We will see to what extent the difference in design will be so great to discover the difference with the naked eye.

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