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Next iPad Pro will inherit triple camera from new iPhone

Next iPad Pro will inherit triple camera from new iPhone

According to a Macotakara report, a new iPad Pro will be released this year and will have a significant improvement in its photographic department. What this source advances is that the new Apple tablet will feature a triple camera.

iPad Pro
Image: Macotakara

The data comes from Chinese suppliers for the upcoming iPad Pro. According to them, there is a strong possibility that this new device will have three photographic lenses on its back.

iPad Pro will move from one lens to three

So far, all Apple tablets have only one photographic lens on the back. If these claims are confirmed, we are seeing a significant improvement.

Apparently, the new iPhone will come with a main lens, a wide-angle lens and a zoom lens. It is expected that the same configuration will be applied in the next iPad Pro.

This will put the company's top tablet at the same level as its smartphones for photography. Additionally, this will certainly be justification for increasing the selling price of this product.

Of course we can discuss the real need for such a photographic module on a tablet, especially if you also have one of the new iPhone. However, this measure will show those still in doubt that this is a tablet with all the best Apple has to offer us.

A new 10.2 inch iPad may also be announced.

Macotakara also mentions in its report the possibility of seeing an improved version of the iPad. As the power goes, it will come with a 10.2-inch screen, replacing the 9.8 model 2018 screen.

In addition, this new iPad will come with a dual camera module at the rear. This will then be between the iPad Pro and the rest of the company's portfolio. If so, other future models are expected to have at least two lenses on their back.

It is not known when Apple will unveil its new line of iPads. With the release of the new iPhone in September, it is expected that these devices may be unveiled in October.

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