New Year’s Eve in Shanghai swaps fireworks for illuminated drones (stunning video)

Shanghai drones firework

The New Year’s Eve party is always something beautiful to see and witness. We have the countdown and then a huge firework. It is almost always like this around the world.

But not in Shanghai, where on New Year’s Eve 2019 and 2020 we had 2000 drones lit in the air at the same time to create a lighting never seen before.

Illuminated drones replaced Shanghai firework on New Year’s Eve

Like many of you, I also enjoy looking at the sky on New Year’s Eve. Fireworks are always interesting to see. This is certainly why Madeira is one of the most sought after tourist attractions at the end of the year. All because we have an impressive fire.

However, I cannot remain indifferent to this Shanghai magic. Programming 2000 drones to create images, numbers or even the countdown is sensational.

No smoke or fireworks at the end of the firework

Shanghai drones firework

We also have the advantage that after the firework there is not a huge smoke over our head. Better yet, we don’t see firefighters running around extinguishing fires caused by this firework (usual in Madeira for example). In Shanghai the drones got up, did their job (amazing job) and landed again.

Drones have had an impressive evolution

It has not been many years since we had the first drones in the air. Over time we have seen this little gadget reaching the “normal” consumer and now marveling millions around the world in an unforgettable end of the year.

That is why I am an eternal technological lover. The evolution is impressive and there is no day that is not impressed with the technological achievements that humanity achieves. You have a few examples below.

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