New Update Brings 'Sentry Mode' and 'Dog Mode' to Tesla

New Update Brings 'Sentry Mode' and 'Dog Mode' to Tesla

Earlier this week we spoke here about the imminent arrival of a new 'Dog Mode' for the Tesla. As promised, Elon Musk's company will not disappoint its users again and is already releasing a new update with 'Dog Mode' and also a new 'Sentry Mode'.

'Dog Mode' aims to ensure that your 'four-legged friend' is as comfortable as possible in the car, while 'Sentry Mode' will offer new security tools.


Tesla electric cars have become increasingly popular over recent times. This popularity has increased not only for the great quality of the cars, but also for the great dedication of the entire manufacturer team, which is constantly releasing new updates with extremely useful features.

Your Tesla will have a private surveillance system as you always wish!

'Sentry Mode' will surely be welcomed with open arms by all users. True, he will not be able to protect your dear Tesla from all threats. But it will definitely help to avoid / resolve many of the possible incidents.

This new mode needs to be activated whenever you leave the car, and will leave Tesla in a state of standby similar to a home alarm. As soon as the mode is activated and the car is closed, all its cameras and sensors are activated. If the car detects a threat, such as someone peeking into the car, it will enter 'Alert' mode. Displaying an on-screen message that cameras are recording.

If a more serious threat such as breaking a glass is detected, Tesla will activate the alarm, the screen will display its maximum brightness and also turn on music at full volume. It will also send an immediate notification to you through the Tesla app on the smartphone.

In addition, if you insert a USB stick into the on-board computer, you will be able to access surveillance camera recordings up to 10 minutes before the incident begins.

Tesla cars will 'take care' of your pet

'Dog Mode' is being implemented as expected. When this mode is activated, the car will keep its cabin at an ideal temperature for your 'four-legged friend'. Making sure you wait for your return as comfortably as possible.

Even more, at all times, the temperature will be displayed on the screen. As well as a message to inform any passerby that the animals are safe and that the owner will be back in a moment.

However, it is important to note that this feature does not mean that it is advisable to leave enclosed animals in the car. Therefore, it should only be used in cases of extreme need.

Tesla reported that the update is being made available in a phased manner. So that they can guarantee the optimal functionality of the new implementations. Once you make sure everything works as expected, it will reach all users by the end of next week.

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