There are several forms of biometric authentication, but the most popular on smartphones are facial recognition and fingerprints. But what if your skin could also be used to unlock the equipment?

This is what the new German company trinamiX promises. It has developed a technology called Beam Profile Analysis that promises to use the skin as a differentiating factor between people.

Only two sensors are needed for its operation

Beam Profile Analysis technology requires only a camera and a laser to function. The information obtained by these components will be subsequently analyzed using a proprietary algorithm that trinamiX developed.

The way the emitted light is reflected will be enough to differentiate different surfaces and objects. According to the company, human skin reflects equally, regardless of its color.

It is said that this technology can recognize 100 different types of materials. Wood or plastic are just some of the examples, which means that this technology can be applied to much more than smartphones.

Facial recognition could improve a lot thanks to this innovation

The German company reinforces that its technology can be used in conjunction with the current facial recognition systems. By adding the user’s skin factor, trinamiX believes that this form of authentication will be even more reliable.

In addition, Beam Profile Analysis will work either in very bright conditions or when it is scarce. It means you won’t have to worry about the light around you when you want to unlock your smartphone.

Qualcomm is helping to implement this technology

The addition of the American company to this project shows the potential that it may have. TrinamiX and Qualcomm have joined forces so that the invention of the first can be implemented, soon, in new smartphones.

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