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New teasers leave clues about Fortnite Season 8

Between yesterday and today, Epic Games surprised Fortnite's several million players by launching two teasers about the arrival of Season 8. Although they have not revealed concrete information, they have left several interesting clues in the air.

In short, the two images combined with their descriptions point to Season 8 with a theme based on Pirates and sea monsters. In the first image we have a clear reference to the pirates with the presentation of a 'hook'. In the second image, a sea serpent confirms the remaining rumors.

Fortnite Season 8 teaser

In addition, the descriptions used by the Epic Games team end up giving more imagination to players. "'X' marks the place the treasure where loot that has been lost can always be found.", this phrase has given a lot to talk. Many believe that Epic Games will bring back all weapons that have been stored over time.

Two Season 8 Teasers Are Already Making Fortnite Fans Dream

In turn, the second description makes a cryptic reference to a sea monster that will theoretically protect this treasure. There are many theories about what might be about to be implemented during this Season 8.

One of them states that the treasure will be hidden at coordinates B4. This was the only area of ​​the map that was not covered in snow, and was also 'mentioned' by one of the Epic Games team members during an AMA session (ask me anything) on Reddit.

Fortnite Season 8 teaser

Lastly, a user found a comment made in a YouTube video, where predictions are made for the arrival of Season 8. In these predictions, reference is made to the theme of pirates / sea monsters, as well as the removal of aircraft. The second has already been confirmed by Epic Games. So this comment made over 2 months ago gets even stronger with these images.

One thing is for sure, Epic Games will bring a lot of news to Fortnite during Season 8. After all, for the first time, it seems to be about to face a worthy rival, Apex Legends.

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