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New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip “shell” smartphone arrives later this month!

The rumors were many, however, quickly faded. Little is known about the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G, however, it seems that Samsung intends to present it officially later this month.

Samsung has published an image that shows us that the new mobile phone “shell” will be unveiled officially on July 22. At least that is what is expected.

What to expect from the new Samsung Galaxy Flip 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

As I mentioned earlier, the rumors are very uncertain. So, nothing is worth pouring that pinch of salt needed in the equipment information.

It is said that this Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G will be the first to bring the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor. Qualcomm’s new chip will be an overclocking of the well-known Snapdragon 865 that is embedded in most high-end smartphones at the moment.

This means that if this happens, Samsung is preparing to give us a high-end foldable smartphone. I remember that the first model of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip arrived with a processor from previous generations when it was revealed.

Samsung Galazy Z Flip

That way we can assume that Samsung will pull a little more in the price of the new equipment. 5G technology will also be combined and it is believed that the new foldable mobile phone will give us the bronze color. Something identical to the teaser image launched by Samsung.

A move change on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

If such rumors materialize on July 22, we know that Samsung intends to change the move of its model a little. Initially the objective was to bring a quality terminal at a more attractive price. Still, the specifications were not the latest on the market. This was so that they could lower the price of the foldable mobile phone.

If Samsung really brings us a Galaxy Z Flip with the latest processor on the market, you can expect its value to rise from the € 1300 sold in the first generation.

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