New Nokia 3310 will hit stores in Q2 2017

New Nokia 3310 will hit stores in Q2 2017

Last Sunday was a special day for all technology lovers and especially for those who lived in the 90's. The Finnish Nokia is back in the mobile market with all its strength and already has three Android smartphones presented.

These are the Nokia 6 – introduced last January – the Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 introduced in Barcelona a couple of days ago. But in addition to these smartphones, was also presented a simple mobile phone, but that aroused a huge sense of nostalgia in many people.

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I am obviously talking about the new Nokia 3310, the rebirth of a legend. This new mobile phone will only serve simple tasks such as making and receiving calls and messages. But that still brings some improvements compared to its predecessor.

We soon noticed a new color screen, whereas the screen of the first Nokia 3310 was monochrome. Also its design has been refurbished, bolder and more colorful, plus a 2MP rear camera, able to capture that special moment with minimally acceptable quality.

It is true that this Nokia 3310 has no GPS, no Wi-Fi, no high resolution screen, no running apps at all. But on the other hand you have here a mobile phone as a standby time of 22 hours in conversation or even a month in standby. Unthinkable values ​​for today's smartphones.

If all this suits you or you know someone whose equipment with these features is more than enough, I have good news for you. The new Nokia 3310 will hit the shelves of the European continent in the second quarter of this year for a value of 49 €.

Nokia 3310

The cost of this equipment was known from the time of its introduction, but we now have information on when it will be available for purchase. Even though it is still a somewhat extended time period, it is already a start and soon we should have more details.

As we have already known, we have a team present in Barcelona to cover this year's Mobile World Congress, where this Nokia 3310 will not go unnoticed. So kill yourself on the lookout for our Youtube because soon our hands-on to this new phone.

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