New images from PlayStation 5 are more realistic and can tell us what the console will look like!

New images from PlayStation 5 are more realistic and can tell us what the console will look like!

It's time to put on the aluminum hats because let's talk about speculation, rumors and more. The PlayStation 5 is one of the most anticipated consoles ever.

The success of PS4 has made the anxiety around the next console great. In addition, Microsoft and Google are now making the market even more capable. From graphics capability to cloud games.

However, like many PlayStation fans, I am also anxious to know what Sony's answer will be. Rumors point to the revelation in late 2020, but nothing prevents us from talking about rumors, speculation and leaks.

Is this the new PlayStation 5?

The images are brought by a German website, "Turn on", which has decided to unveil its next console ideology based on rumors, information leaks and patents registered so far.

PlayStation 5

Unlike the images that have been circulating so far, which show us a super bold console with a totally different design from the previous lines, this concept is based on reality.

PlayStation 5

According to the images, we will have a small and quadrangular PlayStation 5. Once again, totally different from what we have expected so far. I personally believe this concept is seriously close to what Sony will reveal next year.

Display commands and wireless charging

But the icing on the cake are in charge. We will have a design identical to what we see at the moment, but where we have the touchpad we would have a screen. This screen would display information relevant to the game but also the hours and the remaining battery of the controller.

PlayStation 5

And the best would be the loading. To load the controls just land on the PlayStation 5 and are receiving charge. Still, it would be possible to connect the commands via USB-C cable.

PlayStation 5

A console dream

In short, it does not seem to me that these images concretely detail the upcoming PlayStation 5, however, I also do not believe that they fail roundly. Still, as much as I want to believe in wireless charging for the controls, this is something I can't believe.

I am a lover of this technology and for many years now I have seen the technology giants moving alongside a feature that would solve many problems. Mostly wired.

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