Home Apple New Canon EOS 90D could be all I wanted!

New Canon EOS 90D could be all I wanted!

New Canon EOS 90D could be all I wanted!

Canon is about to unveil the new Canon EOS 90D. The camera finally promises the step the manufacturer needs to get closer to the competition.

Imagine Canon as an Apple. Doing things well, however, takes forever to launch a feature that has been around for years. The new EOS R is an example of this. An interesting camera that has a 4K with a huge crop and honestly can not like.

Canon EOS 90D will have 4K at 30fps and FullHD at 120fps

Rumor has it that the new Canon EOS 90D will bring many improvements. Especially in the capture speed and also an improvement in the autofocus. But what excites me the most about the video. If I wasn't in love with the video.

The Canon EOS 90D reportedly will bring 4K at 30fps and even FullHD video at 120fps. This means that in addition to having a 2019 resolution with 4K, we will also have a FullHD quality super slow motion.

Canon 90D

It was these 120fps that led me to buy the Panasonic GH5, however it is a machine with considerably different settings than Canon.

So far, to have 120fps on a minimally portable Canon camera, I had to opt for the 1DX Mark II. That is, a huge camera, heavy and without a rotating screen. Moreover, it has a simply exorbitant value. I understand that gives us quality, however, is an old camera and already needs an update.

Canon EOS 90D price is still unknown

We don't know how much this 90D is yet. However, don't expect it to be very pleasant. As this is a "mid / high range", it is expected that the value could reach € 2000. This with a pack without lens.

In short, this Canon is due to be unveiled at the end of August and will hit the market shortly thereafter. Everything indicates that it will be a camera that will mark a generation and set the standard "standard" for future Canon cameras.

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