Home Apple New bug in iOS completely crasha your Apple iPhone or iPad

New bug in iOS completely crasha your Apple iPhone or iPad

New bug in iOS completely crasha your Apple iPhone or iPad

New bug in iOS completely cracks your Apple iPhone or iPad

Apple has had better days when it comes to software development. Cupertino's company continues with theoretically simple problems that eventually crash your Apple iPhone or iPad completely.

This all comes down to one Telugu language character used by over 70 million users in India. Upon receiving the message with the character, whatever the application, the phone simply crasha.

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As we can see in the video below, after receiving the message the user tries to open the application, unsuccessfully. The terminal enters a bootloop no response in solving the problem.

Apple iPhone and iPad's with latest iOS version suffer from this new bug

The only way you can solve the problem is to restart your smartphone and delete the message through your Mac. Needless to say, many users do not have a Mac to solve the problem simply.

If the character was sent by another application, such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, the situation is the same. The only solution the user has so far is to delete the message to be able to access the application itself again.

Apple is already aware of the problem and promises to resolve the situation as soon as possible in a patch coming out in the next update. Until then, Apple iPhone and iPads will remain vulnerable to the problem.

This character is the problem!

Although this crash does not affect user safety, the situation is still problematic. Especially for those who cannot delete the message through another terminal.

Apple is struggling to maintain the seriousness of its operating system, which has often been praised for its safety and quality. Tim Cook's team really needs to look at what's going on in the department. As the wise Rui Bacelar says: "something wrong is not right".

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