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Netflix will tell you now what people see most

Netflix, from secrecy to the top 10

The evolution of Netflix has been the least curious. Some time ago the content platform did not release a pledge on how the audiences of its series were going and the only means we had was the decision or not of renewal of a series -if something was canceled, obviously it had not worked among the public. It was a little inaccurate measuring stick, since sometimes there could be cases like the Netflix-Disney-Marvel soap opera, but it served to make our own hypotheses about the performance of the catalog proposals.


Then came the communications to investors (in which they began to name those titles that had been more successful) and even the lists, in some countries, of the most popular productions of the season, showing that the times in which the platform did not count absolutely nothing were left behind.

Now everything looks a little clearer – well, you know, to Netflix mode– with the new top 10 rankings, an information that will be updated daily in the profile of each user in order to show which series and movies are in trend.

The new Top 10 daily Netflix

Netflix has informed in its official blog that it introduces from today its new Top 10 lists. In this way, users of the streaming content service will be able to know which are the titles in trend in their country and with it also know suggestions to see that perhaps they had not contemplated.

You can visualize this new Top 10 both in the Series TV and Movies tab, scrolling down – without a fixed position. The row of titles is shown with large numbers from 1 to 10 and will be updated daily based on subscriber reproductions in each country.

Netflix Top 10

The company of the red N also indicates that the position of that row (which is inserted between the sections “Popular on Netflix”, “Trends now” … in a variable way, as we said) will change according to relevance that have the proposals for the user, based therefore on their tastes and reproductions – thus the healing work done by the platform with its contents is kept as intact as possible.

Also now you will see a small red call sign in the right corner of some covers (as well as another one in black and white in the description of the titles). It is the “badge” of Top 10, which means that these series or films are part of the aforementioned new list, very useful when you are in the main panel but want to keep in mind the trends of your region.

Netflix Top 10

As you can see, they are still not hearing data by right, but at least they will help us know better what works more and what less on the platform and better perceive the success of certain titles, especially in its launch that is when they talk about them the most.

What do you think about this new service option? Do you think it will be useful?

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