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Netflix is ​​testing "playback speeds" in the Android app

Netflix is ​​testing "playback speeds" in the Android app

Over the past few years, with the exponential growth in multimedia content consumption on smartphones, many applications have implemented features to control playback speeds. Both video platforms / apps and podcasts have made use of this new feature.

While this may seem like a peculiar option for anyone watching a series or movie, there are some situations in which it can be quite useful. According to the latest information, Netflix is ​​testing this feature in its Android app.

Netflix Android Playback

When will this feature be useful for you?

Apparently, the tests include implementing a total of 4 options: 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.25x and 1.5x. For options to slow down playback speed, they may be useful whenever you want to view a specific scene in "slow motion". Surely by playing at half speed you will be able to see all the details much more accurately.

On the other hand, options for speeding up video playback can be helpful whenever you need to "review" an older episode in a series, or some scenes from a movie you no longer remember very well. For the hardcore, it can also be a tool that lets you fit an episode of your favorite show on the train ride to work.

When can this new feature arrive?

For now, there is no information on when it can be made available to all users. So far, only a few users have reported the new features. Therefore, it is believed that they are still in the early stages of testing and are only available to a restricted group of users.

Also, reference was made only to tests performed on the Android application. However, it is expected that they are also testing on iOS, web, and Android TV versions. Most likely, once the testing phase is over, the functionality should reach all platforms at the same time.

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