Netflix for Android gets more versatile with new functionality but does not please everyone

Netflix Android playback speed

The Netflix application for Android started today to receive a new feature that was desired by many users, the control of playback speed. The new update is already being released globally, but it may take a few days / weeks to reach all users.

This is a feature that has long been available on other platforms, such as YouTube. On Netflix, users will have a total of 4 alternative speeds available: 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.25x, 1.5x.

Netflix Android playback speed

Netflix guarantees that the new feature has been desired by users for several years

According to statements by the Vice President of Netflix – Keela Robison – this is a feature that its users have been asking for several years. “The most important thing is that our tests reveal that users value the flexibility that the functionality offers, whether it be to watch their favorite scenes or watch everything more slowly because they have hearing limitations and consume the content with captions”said Robison.

Although it may be a feature much requested by users, it seems that it will leave the vast majority of production directors and actors furious. I recall that in 2019 when this feature was first approached, Aaron Paul (Jessie in the popular Breaking Bad series) revealed that the new feature made no sense.

As the PhoneArena website advances, director Judd Apatow shared his opinion on this feature in October last year. Apatow says that this is not how things are done, distributors do not have the freedom and authority to change the way content is presented.

Now that the Netflix application for Android is receiving the controversial functionality, it should only be a matter of time for more reactions to arise.

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