The latest figures reveal that the Netflix app has exceeded 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store. This is yet another successful app to join Google’s own applications, which have also surpassed this brand, as well as Facebook and Instagram.

The truth is that Netflix currently comes pre-installed on many Android devices. These examples also counted for the statistics. Therefore, it is not just a question of voluntary user transfers, although this situation makes up the majority.

Netflix is ​​the most popular content streaming app

Compared to other platforms, we can see that Netflix is ​​the king of movie and series streaming platforms. We have Amazon Prime with 100-150 million downloads, Hulu with 50-100 million and HBO with “only” 5 million installations.


In this way, we can see that Netflix continues to reign supreme, when it comes to content streaming applications. However, a new competitor is emerging and gaining popularity: Disney +. The subscription service for Disney + movies and series has already exceeded 10 million downloads.

Although it is a recent service and not available worldwide, it has already surpassed HBO in less than a year. The service will complete a year of existence in November.

Netflix lowered streaming quality due to pandemic

Because of the huge flow of users during the global pandemic, Netflix was forced to lower the transmission quality, reducing from Full HD or HD to SD, many times.

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