Today is a great day for fans of Japanese anime and movies Studio Ghibli To be more exact. Netflix has taken the rights and, from the month of February, he will have available in his catalog his 21 films. And yes, among them will be ‘Chihiro’s trip’, ‘Porco Rosso’ and ‘My neighbor Totoro’.

Netflix already has ‘My neighbor Totoro’ and ‘Chihiro’s journey’

A few days ago Netflix premiered the Ni No Kuni movie, a production based on the saga of Level 5 games and where Studio Ghibli had also participated. Well now comes another notation for fans of Japanese anime. Netflix has confirmed 21 films of said animation studio will arrive on its platform.

At the rate of seven releases per month, Netflix will be releasing the 21 most unforgettable films of Studio Ghibli. Some considered by many as authentic works of art. These are the films that will be released respectively the months of Fabrebro, March and April

  • In February will arrive: The castle in the sky, Porco Rosso, My neighbor Totoro, Kiki: home delivery, Tales of Terramar, Memories of yesterday and I can hear the sea.
  • In March: Princess Mononoke, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, ’My neighbors the Yamada, The return of the cat, The journey of Chihiro, Arrietty and the world of the tiny ones, The story of Princess Kaguya.
  • In April: The raccoon war, Whispers of the heart, The incredible walking castle, The secret of the little mermaid, The hill of poppies, The wind rises, The memory of Marnie.

Available worldwide through Netflix? No. The purchase agreement for emission rights is restricted and users of The United States, Canada and Japan will not be able to see them through Netflix. This is because HBO Max is the one who has the marketing rights via streaming in these countries. Therefore, in the rest of the world yes, but there will have to be pulled by other platforms if you want to watch online.

If you like animation, it is logical that you like this news. As they have commented from Netflix, having part of the Studio Ghibli catalog is a dream for many. For the study it also means an extra way to make their productions profitable and adapt to the requests of their fans who had always asked them to take this step.

In the end, as much as some insist on continuing to fight, streaming is the favorite option of most users. So refusing to offer content on any of the different platforms available is a bit of shooting in the foot. Since, better that they end up hacking your content and do not enter anything.