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13 reasons

13 reasons why, a series not to be missed on Netfllix. I confess that the human being intrigues me, so I like to analyze people, to understand them, and above all is an attitude that brings even more advantages, there is nothing more rewarding than knowing them truly, without any mask .

As intellectual beings we should understand people more and above all respect them. We never know what kind of life each individual has. It must be understood that even small acts of bullying and aggression can have a major effect on people's lives.

Therefore, I recommend this Netflix series, an adaptation of the book by Jay Asher, what it means to really be a teenager nowadays. The story is about a high school student, Hannah Baker who commits suicide and leaves 13 cassettes, each assigned to a person, who ultimately contributed to her death.

Secondary education can provide a difficult environment for a growing individual to discover as a person. What's interesting in this 13 reasons is that viewers are treated like young adults.

"You have to understand that even small acts of bullying and aggression can have a big effect on people's lives."

We see Hannah creating a web that connects each person to a tape. Their people suffer, and are forced to bear the consequences of their actions. Usually people who are close to the suicidal person often feel guilty and that's what happened with Alex who tries to commit suicide at the end of 13 reasons and is in critical condition.

The only person who gets a good look is Clay, a strange male hero who loves her and who could have saved Hannah if she had given her the chance.

The 13 reasons series focuses heavily on the pain of Clay, whose death of Hannah arouses complex palpitations as she listens to each person's cassettes and tries to do justice for herself. He begins to delirium and begins to hear Hannah's voice and to see her, and his mind goes into unrest. Taking on the role of victim and hero in the same story, which provides a certain "je ne sais quoi" to the plot.

Cyberbullying on 13 reasons

13 reasons
13 reasons

Hannah is a victim of cyberbullying when a compromising photo is shared, and is seen by many people. The problem is that anyone who is a victim of this type of bullying cannot simply escape this situation, continues to be attacked out of school time by people hiding behind the computer screen.

"In school, reputation is everything, and Hannah went from being a human being to all these people to an object."

As girls we feel a lot of pressure to be considered attractive, to be popular, to be beautiful and to look perfect on Instagram. However, if we go a little further, we are already considered slut vulgar.

And when we are labeled, it seems that it allows people to treat us as a sexual object rather than a human being. And for a girl like Hannah who was developing her identity and sexuality, she falls victim to her own label and is violated.

Hannah's suicide on 13 reasons

Hanna baker
Hannah Baker on 13 reasons

On Hannah's last day of life, she is depressed and assumes that her life is worthless, and she doesn't want to be a burden to others.

Hannah has been repeatedly treated as an object, so she loses all sense or identity. And the hope it had was filled with a huge void. He stopped trying and seeking professional help, and unfortunately was no longer strong or healthy enough at that point to impose himself.

"There's nothing worth suicide!"

Nothing in this "13 reasons" story is delicate, suicide is an uncomfortable subject and that's why no one talks about it, but this is a problem and should be addressed. There is nothing worth suicide. They made the moment of his death as realistic as possible (graphic), without any bluntness. There is no kind of mysticism or charm, not a beautiful death, not an easy death, and the pain never ends for your parents, who are left with this terrible burden, and it completely consumes them. Your lives.

"Following the premiere of the 13 Reasons Why series, the number of emails received by the Life Valuation Center (CVV) rose 445%."

Suicide should not be an option, no matter how hard the suffering, seeking help, calling a helpline. There is no problem if you do not feel well, but it will get better. If you feel like Hannah and can't talk to your parents or school call the helpline SOS VOICE FRIEND. (

    • 21 354 45 45 (16h-24h)
    • 91 280 26 69 (16h-24h)
    • 96 352 46 60 (16h-24h)

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