Home Gaming NES: Found old game in the attic and sold for 8 thousand euros!

NES: Found old game in the attic and sold for 8 thousand euros!

NES: Found old game in the attic and sold for 8 thousand euros!

For some time now there has been no news about mythical console games being sold for real fortunes. That is, until a copy of the legendary NES game – Kid Icarus – is sold at auction for 8,000 euros.

The lucky one was Scott Amos, who while cleaning his attic found a still sealed copy of the game for NES. The game was still in the original bag from the store where it was purchased, along with a receipt that proves to be from 1988 and cost about 34 euros.

Kid Icarus NES 8 thousand euros

The lucky guy thought the game was (with luck) 200 euros!

Amos has no knowledge of the world of collectible games, so in his ingenuity he thought that this game should be able to earn him about 200 euros. But he was wise not to launch the game on any product selling platform, such as eBay.

Instead, Scott Amos has decided to contact Wata Games, a well-known game rating company according to his condition. It was the company's own CEO who contacted Amos, saying it was a very special finding.

After submitting the game to Wata Games, it received an impressive rating:

  • 8/10 for box condition
  • Class A for protective plastic condition (maximum value would be Class A ++)

Even if I didn't reach the top rating, this was really a fantastic find. Wata Games CEO put Scott Amos in touch with Heritage Auctions, where the copy of Kid Icarus for NES sold for 8,000 euros.

Heritage Auctions is the most prestigious auction house of today, specializing in collectible items from various segments.

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