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Naughty Dog wants to stop you from buying a PlayStation 5

The New TLOU Patch Remastered

The last of us

Not having enough to launch what is possibly the best game of the current generation, Naughty Dog have decided to improve previous works, and for them they have worked on a new patch for the remastered version of The last of us, update 1.11, with which some especially surprising improvements have been achieved.

As you can in the video below, the new version of the game has drastically reduced loading times on PS4, being able to go from the minute and 30 seconds it takes to start a new game to an incredible 13.86 seconds after the patch.

In addition, the loading times are also improved when loading a previously saved game, since from 2 minutes and 3 seconds it goes to another spectacular 13.86 seconds, curiously the same figure as in the new game.

Good news for speedruns

The last of us

This finding has been discovered by a person who will greatly appreciate these improvements, since the news came from Anthony Calabrese, a well-known speedrunner who stands out for achieving record times when completing the game. This user has ensured that this patch has allowed him to reduce the time of the game in 18 seconds thanks to improved load times during the fight scene with David.

Why these changes?

The last of us

That Naughty Dog releases a patch of a well-established game and manages to considerably increase the performance of it, is something quite strange. The company may want to close the loop by leaving everything to perfection, or it may be preparing the game’s backward compatibility to run smoothly on PS5. But, if PS4 has benefited so much from these changes, does that mean we’ll see more examples like this in other games?

If super-fast loading times is one of the PS5’s biggest selling points, getting a feature like that to match on PS4 would slow down some sales, as users might be satisfied with the performance the new games offer. In addition, taking into account that to get the most out of PS5 we need a television with HDMI 2.1 or a monitor with HDMI 2.1 (which do not exist today), the outlay so large that it is needed may stop many and they choose to continue playing with your PS4, even more so with these types of improvements. We will see what happens, but if it is for the good of the users, welcome.


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