NASA's Lander 'InSight' lands on Mars and has sent us two photos

NASA's Lander 'InSight' lands on Mars and has sent us two photos

NASA's Lander InSight lands on Mars and has sent us two photosIt was yesterday when NASA's Lander 'InSight' started its landing on Mars. Although the broadcast of the event was not as beautiful as Space X's due to the lack of real-time communication, the event was confirmed with the well-known "Touch Down".

NASA Lander 'InSight' has finally come to Mars to give us more information about his constitution and his soil. This Lander will not be as exciting as the Rover Curiosity, but it will be a pivotal piece in understanding what happened on Mars to make such an inhospitable planet. We will be able to see if there are "earthquakes from Mars" (earthquakes) and how the interior of the red planet is constituted.

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Shortly after landing, Lander 'InSight' sent us the first photograph of the neighboring planet. The first photograph was covered in dust as the landing raised a huge amount of dust that was not advantageous for the mission.

This mission to Mars started work 7 years ago

That's why Lander 'InSight' took a few hours to open its solar panels. So as not to be covered by dust and no longer receiving solar energy.

Today the NASA Lander again sent a photograph of Mars and now with more quality than the previous one. We see, as expected, a planet desert. A reddish sky and rocks and more rocks.

The mission will start from NASA Lander 'InSight' will begin in the coming weeks

Therefore, in the coming weeks 'InSight' will begin to excavate the red planet at a slow but cautious pace. We will have more information about the temperature of the interior of Mars and more information about its constitution.

This mission is important for us to know what kind of material it will take to build a Human colony on the neighboring planet. We'll see if everything goes as planned.

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