There is a technology that users are eager to see on a smartphone. I speak, of course, of the front camera embedded in the screen, something that will allow us to dispense notches, punch holes or lifting mechanisms.

Proof that this technology may be about to reach the market appears today. On the platform Slashleaks we found a real photo of a mysterious smartphone that doesn’t have a visible front camera.

Possible Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

The absence of an interruption in the screen of this equipment leads us to believe that its front camera may be under the glass. Best of all, this is a functional device and it indicates that it is already in the testing phase.

Why we think we can be the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is perhaps the most anticipated smartphone of the last year. When we all thought this model could be revealed at the end of 2019, we had a Mi Mix Alpha and the rumors surrounding the Mi Mix 4 never stopped.

After several rumors and patents that this mythical equipment could bring a camera built into the screen, the Mi Mix 4 is one of the main candidates to be the protagonist of the image that we share today.

In addition, this smartphone looks very similar to the models already launched in this line. Additionally, we see that your screen practically has no margins, another characteristic feature of the Mi Mix line.

Of course, this is pure speculation and we have nothing more to say that this is really the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. It is by the points I mention above that I base this belief.

For this very reason, this is one of those pieces of information that you cannot forget about the “pinch of salt”. The only certainty is that we don’t see any holes or pop-up mechanisms for the front camera.

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