MWC organization will decide the destination of the fair later this week

MWC organization will decide the destination of the fair later this week

The world’s largest mobile technology fair is scheduled for two weeks from now, however, its destination is increasingly uncertain. After the withdrawals of several companies, the realization of MWC 2020 may be at risk,

As the La Vanguardia, the GSMA (MWC organizer) will meet next Friday to assess the feasibility of this year’s event. Contacted by publication Android Authority on the subject, the GSMA says it does not comment on internal meetings.

Is the realization of MWC 2020 at risk?

This is the question that has been hanging over the past few days, after several companies have announced their withdrawal from the Barcelona fair. Companies like LG, Sony, Amazon or Nvidia have already confirmed that they will not participate in this edition.

The reason for these dropouts is due to the Coronavirus outbreak that has been spreading in recent weeks. Currently, there are already more than 1000 deaths caused by the disease and the number of infected people already exceeds 43 thousand.

In view of the withdrawals already registered, certainly the GSMA has already questioned whether it will be worth going ahead with the event. Not only due to the absence of these companies, but also due to public health issues.

The GSMA has already stated several times that the event will even take place on the planned dates. For this, the company will take extra security measures such as the distribution of various sterilization kits to those who pass by.

Companies that have already given up MWC

  • Amazon
  • LG
  • Samsung (staff reduction)
  • ZTE
  • Ericsson
  • Sony
  • TCL
  • NTT Docomo

We will have to wait for the conclusions of the meeting to be held later this week. Given all that has happened in the past few days, it will not be surprising if this year’s MWC is canceled.

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