MWC 2020 suffers another drop thanks to the coronavirus! Doubts increase exponentially

Ericsson MWC 2020

The start of the biggest technological event of the year is getting closer and closer, but fears about the possible cancellation continue to increase. The Mobile World Congress (MWC 2020) will start on the 24th in Barcelona, ​​but there are more and more casualties.

After LG made its absence official at the fair, and ZTE said it would substantially reduce its presence, now it was Ericsson’s turn to inform that it will not be present.

Ericsson MWC 2020

The causes presented by its President – Börje Ekholm – are identical to those mentioned by the other brands. “The health and safety of our employees, customers and other shareholders is our highest priority”, said the CEO of Ericsson.

Realization of MWC 2020 is increasingly a major unknown

Although the GSMA has once again guaranteed that MWC 2020 will proceed as planned, rumors of a possible cancellation have begun to circulate in large volume.

In an initial phase, the organization guaranteed that it would take serious measures in order to ensure as much as possible the safety of all those present at the event. Among the various actions, will be the mass distribution of disinfectants and also considerably increase the presence of medical assistance in the enclosure.

Still, speculation on Twitter among many of the recognized names in the technological world continues to increase. If this trend continues to cause more manufacturers to decide to cancel their presence at MWC 2020, it will become increasingly possible that this year’s event will end up being canceled.

MWC 2020 medical kit
“Mandatory kit” to be present at MWC 2020 – Roland Quandt (@rquandt)

Even if the organization decides to keep its dates unchanged, there seems to be no doubt that its size and success will be clearly affected. If the brands themselves do not think it is safe enough to send their employees, it will not be long before visitors begin to ponder the risks of participating in the event.

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