The Mobile World Congress 2020 (MWC) will start on February 24 in Barcelona, ​​but everything indicates that it can be held “on gas”. After it was officially confirmed that the event would take place without any limitation, it appears that the coronavirus will ultimately negatively affect the popular conference.

In official statements, both LG and ZTE confirmed that they will not be holding the events they had scheduled for MWC 2020. Among other reasons, both brands stated that the main reason would be unnecessary risks involving the coronavirus.

Mobile World Congress 2020 LG ZTE

LG will present its products at “private” events

According to the statement published by the manufacturer, they decided to cancel all their plans for the Mobile World Congress in order to avoid the unnecessary exposure of hundreds of employees to international travel.

The statement also stresses that this decision is based on the indications given by the World Health Organization.

Although they have not revealed specific dates, LG will present its new smartphones for 2020 at separate events in the near future. Depending on how the virus will evolve, it should also be a possibility for the brand to bet on online conferences to present the new products.

MWC 2020 could suffer more weight losses in the coming weeks

Considering that many of the most prominent presence at Mobile World Congress 2020 would be from Chinese manufacturers, it would not be surprising if other brands ended up following the example of LG and ZTE.

I recall that Xiaomi and Realme are also present at this great technological conference. In addition to several gadgets, the global launch of its new smartphones is expected, which will arrive in force in Europe in the coming months.

However, most of these products have already been unveiled at events in China and other Asian markets. Therefore, it would not be serious if the brands chose to only officialize their launches to the European markets through their online platforms.

Coronavirus has already counted almost 500 fatalities

So far, almost 25,000 cases of coronavirus infections have been confirmed. Although the overwhelming majority have been registered in China, several cases continue to arise in several other countries.

Although the number of recoveries continues to increase exponentially (921), 493 deaths from this virus have already been recorded.

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