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MSI GE62 7RE Apache Pro (7RE-210FR): the full review 2020

Among the arsenal of PCs for gamers in the MSI catalog, the GE62 Apache Pro is sometimes the habit of a very powerful and therefore very expensive 15.6-inch laptop, sometimes that of an honest and affordable gaming computer. This is the second version we are reviewing today, known under the code name 7RE-210FR and offered at an attractive price: less than 1500 euros on the Web.

MSI GE62 Apache Pro

Whether 15.6 or 17.3 inch and whatever their configuration, MSI’s Apache Pro family of gaming laptops have exactly the same lines and housings. The red and black colors are festive, the second largely dominating the debates. The red is only used here to enhance some parts of the case.

Besides the colors, the design materials do not vary either. A metal alloy covers the entire back of the 15.6 inch screen as well as the interior tray; plastic, for its part, is used on the underside and sides.

MSI GE62 Apache Pro

On the latter, the connectivity does not move an iota, mixing USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and Type-C. There is also a stereo output (S / PDIF compatible), a microphone input and two video outputs (HDMI and mini DisplayPort). The wired network socket is part of the trip, like the Wi-Fi n / ac module and Bluetooth 4.2.

Another regular in the Apache Pro series: the backlit keyboard designed in partnership with SteelSeries. The latter has already proven itself, so we will simply remember that its touch is very pleasant and its stroke, average therefore suitable for all types of games. Regarding the backlighting, be aware that it continues to be done by zone (that is to say by group of keys) and not, as is the trend, by key.

Although this type of machine is most commonly used with a dedicated gaming mouse, finally know that the touchpad is of good quality.

Very comfortable with eSport games, a little less with 3D cannons

The shape remains the same, but the background changes somewhat. No revolution under the keyboard, simply the adoption of the lareview generation Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor (4 cores / 8 threads at 2.8 GHz) (Kaby Lake) and the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card ( 4 GB dedicated GDDR5) that we haven’t had much chance of seeing in laptops. It runs the video games of the moment provided you do not push the levels of detail too much. Table on levels Middle / Normal at Student in Full HD, Student at Very High / Ultra in 720p and similar (1280 by 720 or 1366 by 768 pixels).

Concretely, according to the generation of the titles, the scores make the big difference between 43 and… 209 images per second. For example, in Tom Clancy’s The Division or Rise of the Tomb Raider (DX11 for both), the configuration ensures a bit rate between 35.4 and 56.4 fps in Full HD.

In games like Counter-Stike GO, DoTA 2, LoL, etc. the level of 100 ips is reached without problem. However, we recommend disabling dynamic shadow processing or not pushing the various filters too far (TXAA, FXAA, SSAA, etc.) to gain a few more frames / second. Finally, in Dirt 3 (DX11), the turbine graphics chip at more than 160 fps.

The rest of the mechanics are quite “standard” in the world of gaming laptops at over 1200 euros. You can therefore count on 16 GB of DDR4 RAM (expandable), 256 GB of SSD (for Windows 10 and your favorite games) and the very classic 1 TB hard drive to host the rest of your data.

MSI GE62 Apache Pro

Do not forget to mention the presence of a DVD reader / writer, about to be abandoned by a large number of manufacturers, dematerialization of titles requires.

The dissipation system composed of two fans manages to expel without difficulty all the calories produced by the components. Only problem, this is not an example of discretion! In the middle of a gaming session, our sound level meter displayed more than 40 dB. To hide the purring, pushing the volume of the two small pairs of speakers (and the subwoofer) can be effective, but headphones are the best solution!

Improved screen and endurance

Besides the lack of discretion, the MSI GE62 Apache Pro also sins in terms of display quality. In terms of brightness, the IPS panel suffers from a “fair” with only 298 cd / m2 noted by our probe. The contrast ratio, for its part, hardly exceeds 871: 1.

After comparison with the lareview gaming machines in our hands, these scores prove to be insufficient. Fortunately, MSI had the good idea to opt for a matte coating, this saves this laptop and allows it to obtain – just barely – the average in “Display”.

Finally, let’s conclude this review by mentioning that the GE62 from MSI is not the biggest nomad we’ve encountered. Okay, its 2.4 kg weight remains reasonable and its 3.3 cm thickness allows it to slip into a backpack without much worry. Endurance, on the other hand, is a bit lacking: 2.5 hours on average, both in continuous video playback and in versatile autonomy.

The verdict of the review

MSI GE62 7RE Apache Pro (7RE-210FR)

This MSI signed gaming laptop offers a good price / performance ratio. It is ready to run a very large number of games but not with a level of detail set thoroughly. The fact remains that the average display quality of its screen tarnishes the table (a little), and that its ventilation would benefit from a drop in tone!

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